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Saturday, June 10

How To Apply More Than One Font In Your Blog


First of all, this tutorial will teach you how to use more than one font in your blog. Tapi, tak digalakkan untuk guna lebih daripada tiga jenis font.

1. Go to your dashboard. And search for this code.
<style type="text/css">
2. Now click this GOOGLE FONTS.
3. Search for your fav font.
3. Follow these steps.

The first box code need to be paste before the code;
<style type="text/css">
Now, the second box code, paste it in the place that you want to change its font. If you want to use another fonts, you can repeat the steps again. But, the fonts must not more than three type. Annyeong.


  1. I'm at lost at your last instruction - where exactly to paste so it will change to new font at where I want the new font to be?

    1. ouhh. yg tu awak just kena paste kat tempat macam code sidebar ke.. post-body kee.. maafla kalau ada yg tak paham. and one more tuto ni also available utk template designer and blogskin. just search for the sidebar code or the post-body code or body code as well and paste the second box's code there.